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 BELLEB Clothing - About us

BELLEB was not born in short moment nor accidentally, it needed huge amount of passion and perseverance. From the really beginning it was clear that we want it to design and produce long lasting and responsible children clothes in the highest quality.


BELLEB is family owned slow fashion company that was founded in 2020. Idea of sustainable and functional kids clothing brand has grown from vision to reality when our first collection was launch in March 2021. Read how it all began?

Our products combine timeless design, innovative and functional details with ethical transparency in a way that guarantees happy and healthy living. Style of the clothes are inspired from simplicity and the nature. BELLEB clothes are available in sizes 0-2 years. Many of the unisex colors in the collections have been carefully thought out to fit both boys and girls. Solid color garments are also easy to combine with each other or with any other brand as well.


Baby clothes

We create products that will bring you joy for a long time, while having the lowest possible impact on the environment. We represent a new kind of consumption philosophy and therefore we don’t follow any fashion trends nor traditional drop’s. All items are designed in next to turquoise Alps lakes in Switzerland and made under northern lights in Finland. Our values are considerate in every step and It is important that our partners are sharing the same values with us. You can read more detailed about our production and sustainability.

Our mission is reduce the consumption of children's clothing by 50%. Our clothes grow with the baby, so you don’t need to buy that often new clothes.

World is changing and we are changing it too! We are all the time developing our products, finding suitable materials and partners that we can offer environmental friendly and long lasting options for happy and healthy living. We want to make everything possible to save our globe for future generations.

Welcome to be part of BELLEB family. ♥︎


Baby clothes