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BELLEB clothing, sustainability and production

It matters what kind of clothes babies are wearing and that’s why we want to reforming the clothing industry and being at the forefront of development.

Sustainability is goal for many companies. You should ask questions how your clothes are made? For us sustainability have been standard from the really beginning, each action we take, partners who we cooperate with and materials we use. Sustainability is our main premise in BELLEB, but what does this mean and how is it taken care of? We would like to share below what sustainability means for us.
We are making slow fashion, therefore we don’t follow any fashion trends and we don’t have many drops during the year. We choose only high quality materials that are made in sustainable way. Starting from the designing process we develop items to last time and to grow with the child. This way we can reduce the consumption and you need less clothes. During the first 2 years of the child uses approximately 160 pieces of clothes in 8 different sizes. We can halve this.
Baby clothing production


All our products are designed in Switzerland. Cotton we use are cultivated, spun into yarn and knitted into fabric in Turkey and Estonia. All our clothes are made in Finland and Estonia. For us is important that 100 % of our production is in Europe and the transporting distances are short as possible to keep the C02 in minimum. With careful planning, technology and cutting process the loss of fabric will be as little as possible. All the zippers, washing labels and rubber bands we use in the items are made from recycled plastic bottles.

All the fabrics we use in our items are made from sustainability certified fabric with GOTS (Global organic textile standard) and OEKO-TEX. GOTS is the worldwide leading sustainable textile processing standard. The certification ensure environmentally and social responsible manufacturing cycle of the product starting from cultivation of the raw materials up to the final stage of the product. OEKO-TEX is standard to ensure that no toxic chemicals have been used in production and the product does not release any chemicals that are harmful for consumer. Only with this certificates we can guarantee the products are 100% ecological, ethical and sustainable for both the environment and employees.


We have build close relationship with our factory and other suppliers by utilize technology. With certified and regulated production we can trust for the ethical or environmental maters of production in every step. We can operate with partners keeping the traveling for work in minimum. Our products are transported by wheels from factory to our storage and the products will be sent to you in 100 % recycled plastic bag. To avoid extra plastic waste in storage we don’t pack our products separately to plastic.

In BELLEB we love and care our kids & globe.
BELLEB baby clothing