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We choose only high quality materials for our products that we can design the items to last. After purchasing BELLEB clothes the responsibility of the sustainability transfers to you, but we try to make our best with below care quide to help that you can enjoy the BELLEB items as long as possible.


BELLEB clothes are made from sustainable certified organic cotton 95% & elastan 5%. Washing with 40 C with similar colors. Drying by hanging, no tumble dry recommended. Not recommended to use any whitening products or whitening washing stains removal soaps. Ironing with low level. In each item you will find care label with instruction. Always check the care label and follow the given instructions.


Babies and kids makes the clothes dirty and as a parent, you don’t need to be afraid of the stains either. Babies has really sensitive thin skin, therefore it’s recommended not to use strong chemicals when washing the clothes. We would love to share our tips how to remove most common stains safely:


Berry stains:

Boil water and poor over the stain and it will magically disappear. Wash normally afterwards.


Spaghet bolognese / tomato / carrot / poo stains:

Gall soap is perfect almost all the stains to remove them gently in natural way without using any chemicals. Add liquid gall soap to the clothes and wait 2 hours before washing. In larger stains leave clothes for warm water gall soap mixture for 2 hours and afterwards wash in the machine.


Do you have still light yellow or orange stains after washing the clothes?


Sun is the best natural way to make clothes look again like a new. Hang the item outside in sunlight to dry and the sun as well as the UV light will make magic.


We wish you precious and happy moments with your BELLEB clothes.


With love,