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BELLEB clothing - our story

Mom, dream and a bit of courage..

BELLEB story started in summer of 2019. Founder of BELLEB Anniina Eichenberger got her first child. When the baby was three weeks old she spent one week in children hospital Luzern. During those long days Anniina was thinking even more how big responsibility the parents have. She wanted to make sure there were no dangerous chemical residues in the clothing that could harm the health of the small baby. After few months she noticed how fast the baby was growing and how often she needed to buy bigger clothes for the baby. At the same time we should take actions against global warming to save the globe for the future generations. Anniina started to think how to change this? Idea of BELLEB was born.

Anniina is a really creative person and the entrepreneurial mindset have been in her blood since a really young age. As a child she loved to draw figure skating dresses and as early as 12 years old she sewed fluffy blade covers for her skating friends. After becoming mom she got courage to quit her daily job in International company and found her own company BELLEB. Being part of changing of the fashion industry and reduce consumptions became her mission.

Finding sustainable and high-quality materials as well as suppliers which share the same values with us was not the easiest project. After over a year of innovating, market research, material & sample testing, feedback from “test group” parents and finding perfect fit for the items our first collection was developed. Like with real babies the journey is not everyday so smooth and COVID-19 has bring lot of challenges and delays to our way as well. With the baby steps we are growing and developing through these challenging times.

“As a mom I believe that the action are more relevant than the listed values. We want to offer consumer better choices that our kids and future generations can enjoy the beautiful globe and snow covered Alps now and in future.” – Anniina


BELLEB Clothing - Our story